a). What is the Editorial Process at OUP?



b). Why is it important to deliver my manuscript on schedule?

When your title is contracted, you are agreeing to a schedule that you believe to be realistic and we require and expect it to be met. The schedule is used to set investment budgets, to plan staff workloads, and to schedule supporting suppliers (such as copy-editors and typesetters). It may also be vital for our Sales Team, if, for example, we need to publish in time for the start of an academic year or a particular conference.

If you think it unlikely that you will make the agreed deadline for delivery, discuss with your OUP Editor as early as possible, so that your OUP Editor can update colleagues and put together a new schedule with you.

c). Why is it important to deliver my manuscript at the contracted extent?

If you have been given a word/page limit, it is crucial that you neither exceed nor fall short of this. The word/page count will have been decided based on the anticipated expectations and requirements of the target audience. If at any stage during the writing process you suspect you will not submit at the agreed word limit, you must discuss with your OUP Editor.

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