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The Oxford World English Symposium 2022

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Dictionaries, News

The Oxford World English Symposium brought together Oxford University Press’ dictionary teams with academic researchers, teachers, lexicographers, and other language practitioners to share research findings, experiences, and insights on World Englishes, in order to come up with innovative approaches to the creation of dictionaries and other lexical resources.

The two-day symposium took place virtually last April which brought together our dictionary teams from across the world to discuss a variety of fascinating topics which are guaranteed to change the way you think about English. Topics include the role that dictionaries can play in the decolonisation of English, English in social media, and South African English. 

It included a series of parallel sessions and panels covering issues such as language prejudice, colonialism, and context-based English language teaching, among many others. Our very own Dr Phillip Louw participated in two panels on South African and World Englishes respectively.

Oxford World English Symposium 2022

Listen to a recap on The Oxford Comment, featuring Dr Lisa Lim, Dr Phillip Louw, and Michael Proffitt, three of the Symposium’s participants, in the form of a follow-up panel hosted by Dr Danica Salazar, World English Executive Editor for Oxford Languages:

View the full article on the Oxford University Press blog:

For more information about the panel discussion, visit: