Our Culture

As an employee of Oxford University Press, you will play an important role in ensuring the continued success of our organisation. We value the unique abilities, experience, and background that you bring. The mission and values of Oxford University Press are reflected in the culture of our workplace and the integrity of our employees. We value the contribution of each employee and how their abilities, skills and expertise impact in our overall success.

OUP Culture

This is the culture we strive towards:


We actively build a culture that is collaborative.


We are curious and ask questions about our market and business.


We actively seek to simplify processes.


We acknowledge and recognise people, behaviours, and values, and celebrate ideas.


We welcome contributions and are open to ideas from anyone in the business.


Our goals are aligned, and we review them together regularly.


We strive to be agile and proactive in identifying and solving internal and external problems.


We create opportunities for people to grow in their careers and within the business.


We respect each other’s time.


We invite and value feedback.


We streamline our financial performance with our mission.


We want everyone to be successful and as such, strive towards enabling our teams to be high-performing.

Meet our Senior Management Executives for East Africa:

At Oxford University Press, we are passionate about education. We believe that good education is key to the social transformation that we need in East Africa. We know that education is, no doubt, the one thing that can change the fortunes of many in our beautiful country, unlocking opportunities to allow our youth—our future—to make real successes in their lives.

Karen Simpson

Managing Director

Tasliem Fisher

Finance Director

John Mwazemba

Regional Director

Our People

At OUPEA, we believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions and, ultimately, having a positive and lasting impact in all we do. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals in publishing industry. Our people are our most valuable asset. They make us stand out differently, and they stay to build rewarding careers because of our mission, commitment, and high expectations for excellence. They are skilled problem-solvers who believe that challenges can be opportunities.

Our value system; doing it the Oxford way.

Our Four Mission Success Factors define the elements that contribute to the successful delivery of our mission.


Disseminating excellent quality materials to as many people as possible.


Protecting the quality and ethical standards associated with our company.


Achieving outcomes that change people’s lives.


Ensuring we operate for the long-term.

Everything we do at OUPEA is guided by these set of principles which define our character and culture. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are a fundamental strength of our business.

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The Oxford World English Symposium 2022

The Oxford World English Symposium brought together Oxford University Press’ dictionary teams with academic researchers, teachers, lexicographers, and other language practitioners to share research findings, experiences, and insights on World Englishes, in order to come up with innovative approaches to the creation of dictionaries and other lexical resources.