How can I get my book published by OUP?

To submit your manuscript for consideration in the following categories: Course books, Revision books, Creative works and Reference materials, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Draft a letter introducing your work.
  2. Submit a summary showcasing your writing style.
  3. Email your submission documents to Publishing.KE@oup.com

For more information or further inquiry, please send an email to Publishing.KE@oup.com

Do you have a job vacancy?

For current job openings, visit our website at the career section here to make an application.

How can I be added to the mailing list?

To sign up for email notifications of new book releases, and announcements, fill in your name, email address, and phone number (optional) here.

How can I contact Customer Care?

For all your queries, send an email to enquiries.ke@oup.com or call +254 722 202179, +254 734 600300, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you. You can also contact us through the contact page on our website here.

How can I buy your books online?

We do not sell books online, but you can make your purchase with Text Book Centre on their website here.

How can I obtain a credit report and/or score?

Please send your request to our credit team by emailing CreditControlKE@oup.com

Do you offer sponsorship to events?

Yes, we do. Any funding should be valid for educational and business purposes. Please fill in the form on our website here and we will get back to you.

How do I become a distributor/bookseller for your products?

Please contact our sales team (EBAs), who can offer direction in your area. Find our EBAs’ contact information here.

How can I obtain the latest catalogue/price list?

To access the full-price catalogue for various books, please visit our website’s downloads section here. Alternatively, for individual book prices, you can use the search box on our website by keying in the title or the ISBN of the book.

How can I purchase books directly from you?

We do not sell books directly to customers. However, our website is connected to one of our distributors, who can supply nationwide. We work with distributors to ensure that our books are available in all bookshops across the country.

How do I file a complaint about a faulty book?

If you purchased the book from a bookstore, please return it to them and request for a replacement. For editorial issues, kindly email details of the error, along with photographic samples, to Publishing.KE@oup.com to register the issue.

How can I address concerns about the quality of content in your books?

Is it possible to order a book that is currently out of stock in local bookshops?