1. Dictionaries

Beyond ABC – achieving true literacy with dictionaries

Last year, 180 deserving schools and NPOs each received a trolley library.

The Oxford World English Symposium 2022

The Oxford World English Symposium brought together Oxford University Press’ dictionary teams with academic researchers, teachers, lexicographers, and other language practitioners to share research findings, experiences, and insights on World Englishes, in order to come up with innovative approaches to the creation of dictionaries and other lexical resources.

Tips for learning vocabulary

The key to learning a new language is building up your vocabulary.  Here are some tips for learners of English to learn new words. Read, read, read   The more you read -- especially novels, but also magazines and newspapers -- the more words you'll learn. As you read...

Taking a thematic approach to learning a new language

In South Africa, most children are required to learn a second language (called the First Additional Language – FAL) at Foundation Phase level (Grades 1-3). For the vast majority of non-English HL speakers in our multilingual society, that FAL is English as from Grade...